Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A "Family" Party

Ivy had a super birthday celebration on Saturday.... with FAMILY.... now I emphasize family because for Ivy that was a sore subject! Now, go ahead, pick your jaw up of the ground, bite your tongue before calling her ungrateful, and remember that she is 4. And she had BIG plans for her birthday. Early in the summer she starting planning and she had a detailed description of what she wanted for her special day- it involved a big elaborate cake, lots of presents, renting party space, games, and LOTS of friends. So you can imagine her disappointment when I said, "Oh, Ivy, that does sound like fun- but this is your year for a family party. Maybe we can do some of those things when you turn 5 and it is your turn to have a friend party. Okay?"

Well okay it wasn't! She crossed her arms, stuck out her lip, and with a hmmmph said, "I don't want a family party!" And many times between June and her special day she made it quite clear that she felt shorted on these birthday plans. But I stuck to the plan- that Greg and I decided after Ivy's first birthday- every other year things would be a bit simpler.... and family party it was!

But with a family like hers, she was treated like royalty and had a fabulous FAMILY party day!

Everybody eating lunch at Ivy's request... Sir Pizza! She is quite loved :)

Opening one of many gifts.... she was so excited!

About to sing happy birthday and dive into Ivy's requested.... Mickey/Minnie strawberry cake.... I am certain it was even tastier than the big, elaborate (pricey) cake I was describing in her party plans!

Testing out her PINK balance bike

Interruption from Tula, "Excuse me.... hey, guys.... when is my birthday???"

Snow White baby doll from Unc and Esie :)

Riding her balance bike.... after changing into dress up clothes of course!

So excited about the playhouse to come.... just a sneak peek with the front door!

She was up and ready with the sun to play in the finished product the next morning!

Family party or not.... Ivy had a super 4th birthday bash!


  1. She sounds like she's got such a personality! So cute!! I love her dress, too!

  2. I love the idea of every other year. Looks like she did have a great birthday! I bet she will have so much fun with her new playhouse!

  3. Family is forever :) We had a great time at Ivy's birthday celebration.

  4. Looks like so much fun. We are having small parties next year and Gabs is already a little frustrated at the idea:) Can't believe these girls are 4 and the babies are next!


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