Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Letters from a Mama

Dear Ivy and Tula,
I am so lucky to have a job like teaching. I get to spend such long breaks with you at the most perfect times. Summer is by far the best time of year. There are memories made, lazy days spent together, and adventures that we could never take in the months between August and May. Some of my favorite days are the days we did nothing- pajamas until lunch, movies, crafts, and play, play, play! We had a great summer... but as the days start to dwindle I start praying for God to prepare my heart for the school year ahead. I pray for the students who will be counting on me and I pray that my mommy heart starts to find a way to be okay with leaving you girls for too many hours to count each day. God has a funny way to getting me ready but He always gets the job done!

Sweet Tula,
You are moving and moving non-stop! I am having to hover over top of you at all times to see what you might be getting into. You love your big sisters toys as you have had a good 11 months to eye them from a distance. We are keeping all her little trinkets just out of your reach. We are trying to keep you safe but since the moving began you have had a couple bumps, but you are still all smiles. With all of your new territory, we have found you pay extra attention to detail. You are drawn to the teensy fuzz balls, stray strings, and bits of grass that are in those hard to reach places. I am thankful that take time to study it before you try to pop it in your mouth.... I interject before the latest find becomes your afternoon snack :) In your moving adventure, you also have decided sleep needs to take a back seat. You want to walk around your crib for a while until you just conk out. The first night, you even fell asleep sitting up! Poor girl, you are wearing everyone (even yourself!!) out! We love you so much and are so excited to see you grow and change. But the time has come, Mommy is going back to work- it is time to chase down the big kids when they don't do their homework and let scanning the baseboards for baby hazards be left to the evenings and weekends!

Ivy Girl,
You are so big! As in 40.5 inches tall (65%- WOW) and 32 lbs (26%) kind of big!! 4 is so big :) You have grown up so much in just a matter of days. Being helpful at home, carrying on phone conversations like a middle schooler, and not even crying on your visit to the ENT- now that is big stuff. You are ready for Mommy to go back to work so your latest adventure can begin.... pre-school! I have butterflies this evening as I imagine you walking into your classroom tomorrow. I am so glad Daddy will be there to hold your hand. You are going to have such a great time and I hope that you are in full, every last detail kind of full, reporting mode tomorrow evening! I am sure you will have stories to tell. I can't imagine all the learning that will be going on inside your little head over the next several months. I am excited for you to share it with me. I have been praying for you and this big step- I know you will live up to your latest word and be a "Total Rockstar!" Where you heard that... I will never know?

Our summer is wrapping up, but let's not be sad! We had so many fun days and when we blink our eyes a few times- fall break will be here and you know we have big plans for you girls. Think magic, princesses, castles, and glitter.... and we will get there by jet plane! :)

Everything I do from August to May is for you and you! I love you both to the moon and back... twice!


  1. Beautifully written! I hope you have a great 1st day back and that Ivy has a great time at preschool. Bailey starts next week and I'm already nervous thinking about leaving her there. Can't wait to hear what Ivy thinks about school!

  2. maauugh!! love you all--3 of you!

  3. Both of my parents were teachers and I always said I never wanted to be a teacher. Well now that I have children of my own, the thoughts of having summers (and Christmas break) off sound pretty good! I'm sure it's not easy to leave those 2 precious girls but you should be commended for the job you've undertaken. Being a teacher is no easy feat and is often under-appreciated. So thank you for all that you do for our young people!

    I hope your "Rock Star" has a great first day of school!

  4. So sweet. Is it not amazing how the babies find the smallest things ever to eat?? Seriously crazy. Have a great school year!


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