Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Preschool Girl

Happy 1st Day of School to Ivy and Mommy!

I can't believe that I sent my girl to preschool this week... she is officially a "Preschool Girl." I told her that I couldn't believe I had a preschooler and she responded with, "Yea, I am a preschool girl!" Little misunderstanding- but we will go with it!

So onto my preschool girl- it is hard to believe! But that is the realization, when you are a mother, life passes too quickly. In January of this year I started checking out my preschool options for Ivy. I knew that Kristy's would have lots of littles and didn't want Ivy to play the "big sister" role all day and all night. I knew a routine and school environment would be great for her. Now, as I checked into my options I found that as a working mom and having working grandparents left me with very few options. Half day programs wouldn't work because we would have no way of transporting her to wrap around care, not to mention it would be crazy expensive and we couldn't afford to spend one more penny on child care. Then I was hoping to find something that gave you the option to do 2 or 3 full days a week. I found some programs in Lexington but that meant I wouldn't see my girl until Greg got home from work. No thank you! I need to see my child for more than an hour and half before bed time. So that pointed us to the full day, 5 day a week program right in Nicholasville- conveniently on the same street as Kristy's (Tula's sitter). I called and visited Jessamine Montessori and was pleased with all they had to offer us. The program is for 3 to 5 year olds and is a state certified preschool and kindergarten facility. I loved all the hands on activities, the larger than life playground, and the fact that the more I talked about it I heard about several other families that had good things to say about the school. Ivy will attend Jessamine Montessori for preschool and her first kindergarten year and I am excited for all my little girl will learn. This is the foundation of all the school years ahead of her and I want her to LOVE learning!

So her first day she was ready! I had butterflies but she was excited about the newness of it all. New friends, new shoes, new lunchbox, new teachers, new classroom, new "toys!" There were no tears, just a little shyness. Daddy held her hand tight, she gave him a big hug and she was off to start school. She reported all the fun things she did and was excited that she knew two friends already! She "just stared" at some new friends and was brave enough to talk with them the next day with a little pushing from Mama. She was sleepy and was in bed early every night this week but she has already told us that she is going to school every day unless it is closed! What is she most excited about this year? She is already counting down the days until her 100 Party on the 100th day of school! :)

I am thankful for restful weekends to catch up with my husband, love on my baby girls, and spend some time with extended family! But in just a few short hours, we will be early to bed and getting ready to start our school week all over again!

Look at that "Preschool Girl" so big standing by her backpack!!


  1. She looks so cute! I am soo glad her school worked out so well!

  2. Glad to hear Ivy had such a great first week. We are waiting to send Caleb until next year for several reasons.

  3. I laughed out loud 3 times reading that post...just so funny and cute, i could picture her saying and doing all of that. Love it.

  4. I'm so glad she had such a good first week! She looks so big with her backpack on. Bailey starts Thursday...I'm so nervous and excited and sad all at the same time.

  5. What a great scenario that the school is so close to Tula's sitter! Sounds like the school is a smashing success and she will grow and thrive there. That makes taking them each day that much easier!

  6. So sweet--she looks so grown up. Childcare issues are always so stressful! I am thankful your girls are both in a great place!


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