Saturday, June 4, 2011

The River Train!

To celebrate a long Memorial weekend, we did a family first, Ivy, Daddy, and I took out the big red canoe! Ivy was so excited for Mommy to come along for the ride. She was so funny, trying to give me all the ins and outs of canoeing on the KY river. When we finally got the boat in the water, paddle in my hands, and the captain with his "steering" paddle- we were ready! And Ivy says, "Mommy, are you ready for the river train?" I assumed Greg made that cheesy line up, but it was an Ivy original! :)

Nana and Pops got some much needed Tula time. They got to play with her and take her out to lunch :) with no interruptions! She had fun with her Nana and Pops but was excited to see her Mama after a couple of hours away. Tula is so laid back and Nana and Pops are in shock every time they take Tula for a ride. She actually seems to enjoy riding in the car.....quite the opposite of her sister- since Ivy screamed like a banshee every time she was car seat bound for at least the first year of her life! Geez louise!

Greg and Ivy swam in the Dix River.... but they looked pretty crazy to me! The water was so cold that it took their breath away. So let me correct myself, they didn't swim they took a fast dip and got back in the sunshine! I dipped my toe and that is it! :)

We had a great time on our little family adventure! I am already looking forward to the time when Tula can come along for the ride :) but for now it is special for the 3 of us!


  1. What a fun trip for the 3 of you! Ivy looks so cute in the canoe.

  2. Looks like you had fun--I know Pops and I did with Tula!!


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