Thursday, June 30, 2011

Play Dough Fun

Well, since this summer hasn't been filled with perfect pool days (like today- yay!!) I have had to become creative. What can we do at home.... fun, free, and using what we already have! When Tula is taking her morning nap I spend time doing something with Ivy- our special Mommy and me time- we play games, color, paint, do play dough, string bead necklaces, etc. But those things have all been used a few too many times. So we put together pipe cleaners, beads, and play dough to create these little creatures:

She was so proud :) Mommy was trying to stick to the easies... dogs, cats, pigs, etc. But Ivy was persistent that we need a giraffe- our favorite zoo animal! So the purple and yellow.... yep, it is our shot at a giraffe!

Here she is putting finishing touches on a baby jellyfish- :)

I am hoping since I posted this fun, easy, items you have on hand, kind-of craft for those rainy days.... they will be jinxed and we will have all sunshine from here on out! We deserve it!


  1. Great idea. I think thee giraffe looks great

  2. You are such a good mama! Ivy looks so proud. Come on down to TX...nothing but sunshine and 100 degree weather! Because of that, we do our own share of indoor activities!

  3. Such a good idea! I'll have to keep that in mind when I have little kiddos running around on rainy days!


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