Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Baby Milestone

Snoozing so peacefully....

Today Tula turns 10 months old. At 10 months she is still absolutely the happiest baby around! She can instantly put a smile on any groucher's face and she gives out giggles to calm a stressful situation at the perfect time. Tula is so sweet..... she really is :)

But 10 months marks an even bigger milestone for Mommy and Sweet Baby- Tula nursed for the last time this week. Now before you give a sad- "awwwww!"- hear me out, we were totally ready. Both of us- which has made this the easiest transition in the world. I have feared the day that I nursed for the last time for so many reasons:

I thought I would be sad.
I thought I would feel like I had given up.
I thought I would be bitter at those who could nurse longer.
I thought Tula would be sad.
I thought Tula would be confused.
I thought Tula would feel rejected.
I thought the days following would be rough.
I thought I would have to FORCE a bottle on Tula.
I thought Tula would continue to try to nurse.
I thought I would regret it.
I thought Tula would be fussy....and change.
I thought I would feel disconnected... and change.
I thought Tula and I would change.

Thankfully, everyone of my fears has been easily dismissed. None of them have happened- not even in the slightest. When my nursing journey was done with Ivy, it wasn't really done. I wasn't finished. I dealt with so much sadness. This time "done" means I am so proud of us. Tula and I were a team. We dedicated a lot of time and energy to nursing and making it work this time and boy, has it worked! Nursing Tula has been one of the single greatest Mommy experiences for me. It healed all the pain that I felt with Ivy, when our time was cut short.

Ending nursing means bottles- and Tula is already saying "ba-ba" and furiously nodding her head "YES!" when you show her a bottle. It seems absurd that she had many difficult bottle days with the babysitter over the school year. Now she is obviously at peace with giving up the boobs and moving onto the "ba-ba!"

I am thankful for this journey.

I was ready for the change.

I will be looking forward to nursing another sweet baby in our future (not too soon- please)!

Her feet are often crossed and they fit so perfectly into each other.... this was often the position of her toes in the womb.... I just know it!


  1. As much as I'm thankful for being able to nurse both of my boys, I always welcome the end with open arms. It's sort of a right of passage, if you will, signifying the next stage. It sounds like you are both ready, so that's all you could ask for.

    Have a wonderful weekend with those 2 beauties!

  2. Those sweet little feet are too much! What a great picture! So glad you are doing well.

  3. I could have written your post! Elizabeth and I have completed our nursing journey as well. I'm still having a little mom guilt about being done, but it has been a great 10 months.

  4. I am so happy for you and Tula both! Congrats on such a great accomplishment! :)


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