Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Help

Lately, Ivy has been "the help" at our house.... when she is in control of her mood swings, that is! She loves helping and is now at the age when I can put her to good use. We have been cleaning out toy tubs, organizing art supplies, and of course helping to grow Baby Tula right up (tear, tear...). Her absolute favorite thing to do is to feed Tula. This is putting all her hard baby doll work into real life practice. And as you can see, Tula is thrilled to have Ivy feeding her some yummy sweet potatoes!


  1. Sisters--nothing like it! They are both getting so big--kinda makes me sad!

  2. I always laugh when watching people feed babies (myself included) - they always move their mouth like they are taking the food and I can see by the pic - she is doing that too - so cute!

  3. Look at Tula's pretty smile! Sweet pic. Counting down the seconds to next Friday!!!!!!!


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