Saturday, October 25, 2014

fall time

fall break.  it was so needed.  it was perfectly perfect, despite the fact that 2/3 of my kids were sick, it was perfect. we were home. we were relaxed. we soaked up the together time and my heart healed.  it was healed by my girls.  it was healed by pajama days.  it was healed by knowing that many other working mommies (particularly teachers) are feeling the same way as i am feeling this year.... a touch overwhelmed to say the least.  it was healed by all things fall time.

this week i was able to go back to work refreshed.  i felt the prayers of so many people.  i know my students' families were praying for me. they told me they were and i felt it on monday morning before i even got there.  i felt it sunday night when i couldn't sleep. i was so in awe by how god took this little "christmas in the fall" called fall break and really restored my soul.  i went back to work after going through a whirlwind of emotions and i saw my students differently.... as what's most important.  i was able to put all things mandated on the back burner and just teach, reflect over their first nine weeks, watch them set goals, and man, i had that tingly feeling reminding me why i love my job so much.  then i was able to come home and play and do the mommy/wife thing with ease.  we even kicked off this weekend with a dessert first kind of night.  

i am feeling so. much. better. 

i am feeling blessed and thankful and my heart is overflowing with this thing called grace that comes from my heavenly father. 

i am thankful for fall time and that special week called fall break that was just what the Doctor ordered.

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