Monday, October 6, 2014

Birthday Season!

Ivy Camille 
On July 31st my oldest baby girl turned 7!

Some of her current favorites, hopes, and dreams!
Favorite color: turquoise 
Favorite thing to do: draw pictures
Favorite thing in school: science

When she is in 3rd grade.... Wants Mommy to teach her reading
When she grows up.... An art teacher or a baby nurse

What makes her special? Having a July birthday and loving Jesus

She is growing like a weed and sticking to her pattern of growth:
Weight: 44lbs (16%)
Height: 30%

Joss Maven
On August 13th my littlest baby girl turned 1! (Cue the tears!) I am so sad at how fast this year has flown by and can't believe my baby has already celebrated her 1st birthday.

She loves: eating, climbing, paci, bunny, and has in the last month shown a huge interest in joining the Smorstad sister ranks of taking care of baby dolls.

What she doesn't love: being contained.... carseat, highchair, and even the baby swing, many vegetables are now being thrown from her tray,  being woke up from any type of sleep, and having things taken from her.

Her personality:  Loves family.... hugs, kisses, galore! She is also very independent and likes to do everything herself. 

Weight: 22lbs (can't remember % but around 50th)
Height: 30%

 Tula Belle
Then at the end of the birthday season on September 1st, my middle girl, cream of the oreo, turned 4!

It is hard to believe this little thing is 4.  She still seems so young to me.  She still LOVES hard and expresses her dislike just as much.  She is spunky, energetic, opinionated, and at the same time very tenderhearted.

She loves: talking NONSTOP, baby dolls, caring for old people, sucking her thumb (but she has declared she is stopping soon), and sweets of any kind.

She doesn't love: staying in place long, quiet play, when clothes are loose or matching, and being bossed around.

Tula has always been petite but this year we have "fallen off" the growth chart.  We are doing everything in our power to help our very active 4 year old gain weight and go back in 2 months for a weight check.

Weight: 26lbs (0%)
Height: 13%

This year we did one ginormous celebration and surrounded ourselves with friends who are truly like family.  We felt so blessed that the stormy skies cleared just in time to host 50 of those closest to us for a pool party.
 The big girls table!
 Joss getting a visit from sweet Caroline!
 Tula loving her cupcake!
Ivy taking time to smile for a 7 year old picture!
Joss, who LOVES eating, couldn't eat her birthday cake because the song was so frightening. Awww!
The girls were excited to deliver a HUGE tub of food items for our church's backpack ministry with their party donations.  

Birthdays kept us busy for the last 3 months and now we will stop and enjoy our growing girls.  Time really does fly in this season of life and we are hanging onto each of the memories we are making.

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