Sunday, November 2, 2014

a lemonade kind of halloween

 sometimes life hands you lemons and you've got to make lemonade.  this year halloween was a "we better make some lemonade" kind of halloween.  joss came down with the nasty nasty hand, foot, and mouth early last week.  while we really knew she was no longer contagious by friday we were still too nervous (you can never be too safe!) to carry on our normal tradition of having the amburgey's over.  so as sad as we were we cancelled those plans but still planned to hit the neighborhood trick or treating.
 so throughout the week, we started to prepare for halloween.  the girls, daddy, and clove enjoyed carving our pumpkin.  the big girls painted their little pumpkins totally independently while mommy cuddled a very sick joss. and then tula enlisted the help of mommy and ivy to make cat cookies for her party at miss gina's.  even though joss was sick we still prepared all week for what we hoped would be a normal-ish halloween (even though we would be lonely without our friends.)
 sick baby=a dozen lemons
friday night weather=a dozen lemons
ewwwwww- what is one to do with 2 dozen lemons?...... i guess we better make lemonade.  when the rain started to come down, temperatures dropped into the thirties, and the wind picked up enough that our umbrella wasn't functional we decided to start convincing the girls of plan B.  indoor trick or treating!! the girls went to the store to pick out their favorite halloween candy. ivy picked a chocolatey mix, tula picked skittles, and joss likes everything! the 3 blind mice got on their outfits, painted little noses and whiskers, took some pictures, and grabbed their buckets to go door to door.  daddy and i hid behind doors as they knocked, shouted trick or treat, got their favorite candy every time, and then ran to the next door.  each time the girls squealed and joss quickly got the hang of maneuvering to the front to pick her favorite piece of sweet deliciousness!

the normal trick or treating turned into hide and seek trick or treat once we ran out of doors.  we laughed and laughed and realized the girls didn't feel like they missed a thing when they collapsed onto the rug to count their candy.  i am thankful for the little things like the joy they get from getting candy put into their bucket.  i am thankful for sticky drool from their first sucker and the pitter patter of bare feet running door to door.  and i am thankful for how resilient kids are.  disappointed- i think not.  they had so much fun!

 i am thankful for a lemonade kind of halloween with the cutest blind mice around.

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