Tuesday, December 3, 2013

just some words..... thankful

I am thankful to report that things are going well.  I have returned to work, already enjoyed my first long break over Thanksgiving, and we are adjusting, surviving, and truly thriving in our new routine. Maybe it's third time's a charm but this time the transition back to work was easier than ever before.  I think some of that is knowing what I to expect and the rest has to do with having a child at work with me each day.  That's what us teacher moms wait for.... the moment when you are a hop, skip, and a jump away from enjoying a reader's theater performance, congratulating your child on a test right when it happens, and sneaking a quick hug in the hallway! It's worth the wait, my friends! 

Tula and Joss are with a new in home sitter, Mrs. Gina, and I could not be happier with how well they are adjusting.  Joss hopped right into the 2 nap routine (and an evening cat nap at home) and took wonderfully to the bottle.  Tula is finding her way playing with the boys and helping with the babies.  She is thriving on Mrs. Gina's reward system and the calm atmosphere has been a good change during the day and at home.  They are making friends and Mrs. Gina is sending me pictures and updates often, putting my working mommy heart at ease.  

At home.... things can get crazy.... but really we are into a rhythm of what needs to be done at night to prepare for the morning.  We have figured out how to get Ivy's homework done when my teacher mode really is ready to turn off after hours.  And everyone is sleeping, eating, bathing.... and most important- they are feeling loved! :) 

I may be calmer than I have ever been as a working mommy and friends, I've got 3 kiddos to look after at home! I have started a challenge- the orange rhino challenge- have you heard of it?  It's a challenge to not yell at your children.  I don't want to be a screamer but I found myself landing in that territory too often after adding a third to the mix.  I started on November 10th and have slipped once where I ranked my voice as a yell (well technically twice but once was yelling at the hubby on the day I started the challenge!!).  This might be a record for me- but I am still going. These hilarious tips have been my saving grace and my girls are quite humored by them too!

Here's a little secret....remember how I had to go on some calm down meds while pregnant.... well I am even off of those.  God is good- all the time- all the time- God is good!

I am thankful.  Thankful for God's grace and love every day.  Thankful for my supportive and encouraging friends at work.  Thankful for a home filled with 3 little BIG blessings and a husband I adore.  Thankful for a job that I love to go to each day! Absolutely thankful.

Our first ever, movie and pizza night watching Elf after putting up the Christmas tree!

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