Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ivy & Tula Recital Weekend 2013

 This year was Tula's first year in dance.  She has wavered back and forth on whether she likes dance class or not but on Monday afternoons she is ready to go hours before dance begins.  However, her first performance just for the parents at the studio she sobbed and said it was "silly to dance in front of all those people."  We were shocked by this considering her very extrovert personality so I really wasn't sure about how she would do on the big stage!

 Daddy, Ivy, Joss, Nana, Pops, and even Mrs. Gina and Baby Giuliana came to watch Tula "be a ballerina" and she went out there and did her best!  I was thankful that the thumb came out of her mouth, there were no tears on stage, and she even did some toe taps and turns on point!  When suggesting she try another activity in the spring she got her head moving, her fingers pointing, and told me she was going to be a tap dancer..... so tap dancing it is and we will have another go at recital time in May.

 She was excited to be greeted with a flower from Nana and Pops and even was willing to pose for some pictures.  She came home and took a big long nap to gear up for the Nutcracker performance set for the evening.  We were very proud of our Tula "Belle-rina" and her first recital!

The evening rolled around and we got our next ballerina ready to perform.  Even though Ivy is a bit of an introvert she loves performing on stage.  Her favorite part of the dance season is getting make up on, hair fixed, costume set, and getting on the big stage.   

We were so thankful that Nana and Pops played the role of proud grandparents all day long and were willing to help hold Baby Joss, bring us dinner over, and applauded dancers from noon to night! I just might add that Joss was awesome sitting through two recitals without so much as a whimper.  We are thankful for our very flexible girl who can go with the flow of our busy family. 

Ivy really impressed us in how much she had grown from last year to this year as far as performance goes.  I can tell that she is gaining confidence and remembering the routine better as a 6 year old.  She loves dance and hasn't shown any interest in trying another activity.  So for this little princess.... dance it is!  

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Ivy's Dance Recital 2013

Tula's First Dance Recital 2013

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