Monday, November 5, 2012

Some Tula 1st's

I almost forget that at age 2, Tula is still having many firsts! Over the last month, she has gotten to experience several new things. One of my favorite things about having children is being able to see things through their eyes. Tula is so excited and animated about everything, so it is always a joy to see her try something new! 

Tula had her 1st trip to the dentist and was a trooper!  She actually let them do a full cleaning on her little pearly whites which was a shocker since she isn't the best tooth brusher at home.  Thankful all was looking good in the area of dental health.  

She got to go to dance "class" for the 1st time! Tula got to stretch with the little ballerinas at Ivy's dance class!  She is always so heartbroken when Ivy's dance teacher shuts the door to begin class.  It was such a treat to have her get to go in to class and stretch with them.  She kept saying "Tuwa's a ballerina! Watch!" Maybe someday soon she will actually get to be in a dance class. 
Tula has experienced holding babies for the 1st time this month!  She is in love with her baby cousin Graham (Baby Bam!) and was so proud to hold him in her arms and be gentle to him!

Tula got to play in the leaves for her 1st (and probably last) time.  Tula has horrible allergies and so this activity didn't go over to well.  She had a blast but has been a wreck with skin and nasal/eye allergies ever since.  At least it was fun while it lasted! 

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  1. awww love these pics, especially the one with baby bam!


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