Sunday, November 11, 2012

Clove Smorstad

 Introducing the newest little lady of the Smorstad family:
Clove Rosie Smorstad 

Clove is a now 14 week old Border Collie pup that was named by her nature loving Daddy and then given a middle name by the Queen of Fairness, Ivy.  "We all have 3 names, she needs 3 too!" She is a smart little pooch and we were excited to give her the perfect home.  Are we crazy????

 Maybe just a little crazy but it is worth it to watch my girls fall in love with her, to have a walking buddy for myself, and to see Daddy so excited to take her in the canoe for the first time!  We have always planned to have a dog someday, but really weren't planning to make it a reality until we were done with diapers.... FOREVER.... no need to be potty training the 4 legged friends while still potty training the human Smorstad's- right? Well, we are in luck because Clove was already potty trained! 

 Since adding her to family we have been perfecting our leash walking skills, working on not nipping at the little feet of Ivy and Tula, and teaching our Clove not to jump.  The introduction to the cat is still happening without much success.  Jack is not a fan of Clove taking over his home! 

 Daddy has been a little hesitant to my request for a pup (since sometime last spring) but he will be the first to tell you that Clove has him wrapped around her little paw.  He has been so impressed at how quick she is learning and today he was excited to take her out on the river with him.  He was so thankful not to have a little "foo-foo" dog- Ivy wanted one with bows in her hair!! Ha- Clove may be another little girl but she will be tough enough to hang with Daddy!

 The girls are doing a really good job with Clove!  It can be a little crazy in the after school hour when everyone is tired, hungry, and jumping on mommy.  But Ivy has taken to throwing a tennis ball with Clove and teaching her to bring it back each time.  Tula's favorite thing is to climb into the dog kennel or dog bed with Clove and roll around.  We all have loved getting to go out on lots of walks and playing the the yard with the new pup!

By nature, Border Collie's want to herd.... this includes children.... so we are working on breaking her of heel nipping but for the most part she is so sweet with the girls.  Ivy has overcome her fear of dogs and was excited to get a baby dog to watch grow into a bigger dog.  And Tula, she is just so excited!!! Tula has been a dog lover and she adores Clove.  She cries when we have to leave her at home but is always calling for her as soon as we pull into our neighborhood.  

We are excited to introduce Clove into our crazy, busy life!


  1. Sweet post. I think what I love most is how much Greg loves her! He's such a good guy. I just like when he gets to do things he likes so much. But I'm sure it's fun watching those girls fall in love with a pup as well!

  2. Love my new grand dog!!


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