Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year we changed our Halloween tradition.... which you know can be hard for me! But we did it and had fun. Here is a little about our memories from Halloween 2012.
Our church hosts a huge outreach Trunk or Treat project.  They serve around 500 neighborhood kids who come through our parking lot to visit the festive trunks, load up on candy, and then enjoy a warm chili dinner.  Cicely and I decorated the "candy store" and dressed up to greet the trick or treaters.  We had fun but did miss seeing our own little ones enjoy their first trunk and treat--- next year, Rob and Greg will be passing out the candy!  Can't wait to see what they dress up as :) 

Daddy and his little Minnie Mice- he was super dad being the solo parent with 2 little trick or treaters!

Mommy and the little candy lovers!

Our fancy little pumpkin- Ivy insisted that she didn't care about much else, but our Jack-O-Lantern needed eyelashes.  My super carving husband, gave his sweet girls a pumpkin with long lashes! We all enjoyed this smiley face.

 * * * * * *

Dress Up Day at School
Ivy's dress up day was a community helper theme!  All the community helpers participated in a parade to show off their costumes.  Ivy choose to be a nurse with the inspiration of her Nana.  Nana even brought her home a real stethoscope to wear.  Ivy loved checking her class mate's "heart beeps" all day long! 

Tula's class had a fall party to celebrate the holiday!  They all dressed up, got to paint, eat yummy treats, and play games.  Tula was a purple fairy (that we already had in our dress up tub)!  I know this girl is a mess so I knew I needed to put her in something that already had a little bit of wear and tear. And of course, she was absolutely smitten to be a fairy at school and Minnie at night!

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  1. love this! great parents, great kiddos!


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