Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tiny Dancers and a Little Helper

This was my first full official week of summer!
 We immediately jumped into anything but normal with DANCE CAMP for Ivy and Kennedy all week long.  Meaning that I had two tiny dancers to tote around like big girls and one little helper who got to spend lots of time with just mommy. 

These girls looked so pretty each day when they headed off to camp with lots of energy and big smiles. I was so impressed with all they learned and showed off in their performance on Friday.  I think Ivy's favorite routine was the hip hop dance- she gets it from her mama! Haha :)

This little lady got a lot of one on one attention- something she isn't used to with a Big Sister around.  For the first time ever, yes 21 months later, Tula got to go the grocery store for a full trip.  She waved to everyone who passed our cart and was great at helping me unload once we got home.

Kennedy and Ivy jumped right into playtime at 7:30 AM each day.  The dress up, art projects, and baby dolls started bright and early.  Ivy enjoyed having Kennedy around for instant fun!

Tula and Hattie Jayne had loads of fun on their play date.  Tula was a little wild and HJ wasn't quite sure what to think about it at times.  Hattie Jayne is scooping the sand so nicely and Tula is screaming as she shovels it over her head- pretty much sums up the day!

Tula even got to go to the pool by herself.  She played in the water, ate a picnic lunch, and then it was time for a paci/blankie fix.... this girl LOVES her comfort!

Ivy and Kennedy still had enough energy to play outside after long days at dance camp.  They were quite impressed with their hopscotch moves.

It was a great first week of summer but I am sure that next week will be a bit more relaxing!!

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