Friday, June 22, 2012

Ivy-ism on marriage

One of my favorite pictures of "Fancy Ivy" at Nana & Pops house.... adorned with Nana's shirt as a dress and Ivy's favorite red pumps :)

On meeting the man of her dreams....

Ivy: I don't think my husband was in my preschool.
Mommy: What do you mean? (Taken aback by the comment!)
Ivy:  Like I don't think the husband that I am going to marry someday was in my preschool.
Mommy: Oh, probably not. (duh!)
Ivy:  Ugh! (exasperated) I just wonder when I am going to meet him.

Patience, my sweet girl, you must be patient and wait for him!


  1. Gotta love it! Make sure to save this story to share for her wedding day haha!

  2. please tell ms. ivy i don think my husband was in my preschool either:)


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