Monday, June 18, 2012

Dear DaddySmors

Dear DaddySmors,
When I met you years ago.... I think it was way back in 2001.... I got a glimpse of the man that I would marry. A caring, quiet, laid back guy who said so much with very few words. I watched you interact with my kids (those I babysat, of course) and knew that you would be an excellent father someday. All that was just a teeny glimpse into our future- a future you definitely didn't see for yourself. The bigger thing that I saw in you was adventure.  With you, my life would have adventure- and you haven't let me down.
So for your Father's Day adventure we did what you love most.  We packed up two little princesses, everything in the house, everything in the shed, and most things in the garage- jumped on the road and headed out to our 2nd camping adventure as a family.  You were all smiles and that was all Ivy could focus on all week long. I looked at you, "Mr. Camp Guide", and was proud that you would want to take us (high drama girls) along for this fun (again), and honestly, I don't think there is any other way that you would rather have it.
You let us play while you set up our bright orange house.  And Ivy (avid hater of the color orange) had decided she likes it a little bit now, because it makes her think of camping- her favorite thing to do with Daddy.
We waited for you while we explored the playgrounds.  Tula in her element climbing, jumping, dare-devil-ing.... Ivy in her element drawing in the sand and toting around a babydoll.... Daddy in his element outside, camp equipment, and family.... and Mommy- so thankful, so blessed, taking it all in.
You made the perfect fire.  Taught your littlest how to "gently" catch a lightning bug.  Encouraged your biggest to set her new pet bug free.  And you graciously let me watch these memories unfold for our family.
You brought the canoe along and were so excited to do this as a family.  These are the big adventures that leave me a little anxious yet you are so calm.  This is what you have talked about since Tula was teeny tiny- the perfect spots in the canoe for more children (and there is still room).  You were perfect to prepare Ivy to be the expert with you to show Tula the ropes.  You packed the necessities to keep Tula safe, involved, excited- even though she is a busy 1 and a half year old. This adventure didn't fail our family- it was perfect.
In the morning we drank coffee and settled on donuts for breakfast because we didn't have the time or attention span for a camping feast.... that is still in your dream... and someday that too will be the reality.  But for now, these little ladies were happy with their donuts!! You thought ahead and made plans for Mama to have coffee and that was a blessing.  Your father's day adventure was perfect.  You were in your element and made it our perfect element too! :)
Then we came home to life.... still an adventure... with two little princesses that always get more than enough love from their daddy.  A wife who is cherished and loved on by her husband.  DaddySmors, you really are the best and we love you to pieces! We hope you had a wonderful weekend of celebrating YOU.
MamaSmors, IvySmors, and TulaSmors

Here we are around the anchor- my daddy, who has taught our family so much.  My daddy has been such a godly example to DaddySmors.  He has taken him under his wing in the department of finances and thinking smart.  And DaddySmors has so much to teach him in the department of adventure :) That may (or may not) be in our future, but for now my Daddy is thankful to hear about these adventures through the smiles, giggles, and stories told by his granddaughters. 

Happy Father's Day to all the Daddies in my life!


  1. So very sweet! Love, love love all of you!!


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