Friday, May 4, 2012

Fence Friends to Much More

Maybe you remember our Fence Friends who live behind us from last summer. Well, we have become so much more than fence friends.  Kennedy and Ivy were having regular conversations through the slats of the fence, we tried to make the trek around the block often, but due to little siblings, working jobs, cooking dinner, etc we needed a change for the sake of friendships and the sake of sanity.  We needed for our girls to be able to play- the way neighbors used to when we were kids- so the Dads started scheming a plan.

After having to look at each other through a tiny crack in the fence you can imagine the joy it brings to these girls now...  

It was one of our best home owner decisions to create a convenient path from yard to yard through the fence.  In the short month that this little pathway has been built (Thanks to the Dads!) many of times the little girls have been able to bounce from yard to yard, swing set to swing set, house to house, and create memories with each other.  It has also made a way for moms to chat, little siblings to bond, and dads to have a couple of back porch beers.  It has been a perfect distance for a pizza dinner and smores  with neighbors.... no getting in the car, no fancy plans, absolutely content to just be with neighbors. 

We are so thankful for our friends and our perfect little hole in the fence!


  1. That is awesome! I love the hole in your fence connecting your family with the neighbors!

  2. That is so Fabulous! What fun memories for your girls to remember that daddy made them a hole in the fence to be able to play!

  3. CHEERS!!!! I love neighbors and neighbor friends soon will become part of your family:) You will never regret that hole in your fence!


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