Sunday, May 13, 2012

Family Camp Out

Our family celebrated Mother's Day from the moment we got out of school on Friday. Even though it was a celebration weekend for me... it was more about my family and let me tell you my excitement and "campiness" made my husband's heart jump for JOY!

Daddy Camper- On a mission to get to the campground.
Little Camper- Can't wait to take Mommy and Tula along for the ride.
The loot- Buckets, bug catchers, camp chairs, little crocs, fire starter.... and so much more!
Baby Camper- Ready to "seep" with the "boon" like Little Camper has told her to expect.

Daddy got home from work early to pack the car so we could head out as soon as I got home with the girls.  For one night of camping, our van was packed with more than we need for a week at the beach. So we came home- jumped in and headed to the wild!

Ivy was excited to get right to the playground while Daddy set up camp and started the fire for dinner.  She met some little girls to play with and they became best camping friends for the evening.

Tula was ready to EAT since that is her favorite past time.  She enjoyed camp food- hot dogs, grapes, chips, and she even made it up late enough to enjoy a s'more!

Tula took complete ownership of the boat swing at the playground!  This little girl loves being outside so camping couldn't have suited her more.

Ivy loved assisted Daddy with grilling our dinner over the fire! Do you see the river in the background? She was sad that we didn't bring the canoe to take a little boat ride- maybe when Tula is a little bigger!

Friday night was GREAT family fun but,
Saturday morning I learned a few things:
A. 50 degrees sounds like a great night temperature.... WRONG.... feels like 30 when you have been sleeping in a tent all night long!
B. My feet did not want to walk in the icky wet grass that is there in the morning and this novice camper did not bring anything but sandals.
C. Must pack kid friendly breakfast.... Children do not understand WAIT for a fire to cook your yummy breakfast!

So when the sun rose- the kids rose.... straight into the warm car to watch a movie while we packed up the fort.... and we headed home a little earlier than planned!

Saturday we spent the day in the backyard playing.  
I love the weekends.... and we only have one more weekend before my 2 and half months of weekend begins!
This Mama can't wait for SUMMER to spend with my family!

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  1. Ivy looks so cute and excited in all those pics! Looks like a fun weekend.


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