Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cheering On MOMS

With Mother's Day right around the corner I thought I should create a post simply to honor all MOMS.  Any Mom will tell you that being a Mom is the best job a girl could ever ask for but without a doubt being a Mom is a tough job, too.  Moms are home makers, nurses, teachers, chefs, personal shoppers, counselors, advisers, and so much more.  Moms make the day to day petty decisions and the big, keep you up at night decisions.  And Moms worry- we really really worry about the decisions we make for our children and ultimately our whole family.

Yet, we Moms are faced with judgment each day... and our biggest judgment.... our biggest enemy is most often other Moms.  

Stop the madness.  Stop the hurtfulness.  Stop the finger pointing.  Stop the blame game. 

Cheer on all MOMS.... like you or not.

Moms need to stick together rather than turn against one another.

I have been a part of too many conversations over the last few weeks about Moms being hurt, Moms feeling less than, and Moms second guessing their quality as a Mom all because of something another Mom has said.  It is sad, my friends.  And certainly not an action that we want to teach our children- to judge another person, to belittle another person, or to break down another person.  We would teach our kids to share kind words, encourage their friends, and take a stand when someone is being hurt.

There is no one right way to parent.  We all choose to parent in the best way for our family.  Our families are different, and in turn we have to parent differently.  We can learn from each other, share with each other, and listen without casting a judgment on one's ability to be a Mom.

As a Mom, I want all Moms to feed their babies.

If you know a mom who wants to nurse and gets to- cheer them on.
If you know a mom who wants to nurse but is defeated- encourage them with kind words.
If you know a mom who bottle feeds from the get go- share your luck with a specific bottle, share coupons for the formula they buy, and be thankful that there is an FDA approved, pediatrician recommended formula that is perfect for growing healthy babies.

There is not a right or wrong way to feed your baby as long as their tummy is filled.

Some Moms work, Some Moms don't.

If you know a mom who gets to stay home- remind them they are blessed, even on a trying day.
If you know a mom who has found the balance in working part time- remind them they are blessed to have both worlds and encourage them when they are busy.
If you know a mom who works full time because her family depends on her- remind them they are blessed to have a job to meet family needs, encourage them when they are busy/tired, and pray for them when you know the battle raging in their heart.
If you know a mom who works full time and loves her job- remind them they are blessed to have a career they are passionate about, listen to them teach their child about their day to day job, and again encourage them at those busy times.

We need all kinds of Moms- some who work, some who don't.  Isn't it a model to our daughters of what they can become some day?  It is often a Mom who has never been on the other side, making the worst of claims.  It is often a Mom who is unaware of the behind the scenes dinner conversations about personality, finances, and children, who makes the another Mom feel terrible about her choice to work or not to work.

There is not a right or a wrong about working, and for all Moms it is difficult choice- along with a battle of emotions.  Support one another.

Crafty Mamas V. Simple Mamas

Some Moms scrapbook...
Some Moms picture take...
Some Moms blog away...
Some Moms bake.

Some Moms decorate...
Some Moms sew...
Some Moms buy the crafters...
Some Moms have gardens that grow.

Some Moms have pinteresty birthdays and day to day crafty fun...
Some Moms like coloring books, going to the library, or playing in sun...

We are all Moms, using our talents, creating memories for our children.  Some memories are store bought, some memories are home made, but a memory is a memory and our children are thankful for that.  

Take time this week to tell all the Moms you know they are doing a good job.  
Encourage them- don't judge their decisions.
Share with them- don't share about them.
Appreciate all of them- even those very different from you.

Cheering on Moms... all of them!

Have a Happy Mother's Day Week!


  1. Love this! You have been one of my biggest cheerleaders this past year and I so appreciate it! :) Some have tried to tear me down and make me feel like a bad mom because I work full time..but I'm so thankful for those whom have been there for me!

  2. So true! Thanks for reminding us that we need to treat others as we like to be treated ourselves (:

  3. Just now getting to this...great post. Fantastic.

  4. Your mama told me to read this since I posted something similar today! You rock sista! Thanks again and well said!


Thanks for your encouragement as I travel through this season of life called mommyhood!