Sunday, April 15, 2012

what i've learned about sleepovers... so far

You might remember Ivy's first sleepover several months ago with Elyse- good times! The girls felt so big but by the next morning it was quite clear that they weren't so big.... not yet. They were in need of a nap! So nap it was- and we took a little break from sleepovers.

Then something happened to Ivy.... she really has seemed to grow up quite a bit, right before my eyes. I am not sure if it is the fact that she eats sushi like an adult, only has temper tantrums at her time of the month, is embarking on kindergarten this fall, or the fact that she just seems so BIG compared to Tula. Whatever the cause, Ivy is growing up on us and she has had 2 sleepovers in the past few weeks and I feel like some sort of expert on the subject!

So I am here to share, what I have learned so far:
* Girls PACK a lot! (I am talking multiple bags, toiletry bags, suitcases, dozens of stuffed lovies, etc!) If you specialize in boys, they will most likely just pack underwear... in their pocket.

* Organized activities are good....Play dates are short enough that free reign is FUN but when littles are together for hours a game plan is necessary to give everyone a calm down time.

Like a date to get ice cream, a long bike ride, or a trip to the park!

* Early risers will rise.... earlier! So when they go to bed it is best if you are off to bed too! And just don't waste your breath on the don't wake up before the sun talk- there will be no following that rule. Not when your friend is soooooo close by and playtime is right around the corner.

An organized activity at 7am- dyeing Easter eggs!

* Follow the same bedtime routine as normal. This has helped Ivy to know that just because we are having a sleepover doesn't mean our house rules are changing. Pajamas on- check. Brush your teeth- check. Potty time- check. And reading books- check, check, check, check.

Twice as many stories when you are reading with two little ladies.

* They want to share EVERYthing. Why that's great.....right?!? Not so much, you may want to talk to your little one about how some things like hair brushes, tooth brushes, and cups are just FOR YOU. We are glad you are great friends but must we share germs- I think not!

Ivy has been so sweet that she even let Tula get in on the fun of this play dough party!

* Everybody will be taking a great nap the next day- even the mama!! And that is something that I am super thankful for :)


  1. Fun! You are such a good momma--and I can see the teacher coming out in you here--which is a great thing!

  2. So fun...and I love little Tula getting to have some fun lol.

  3. How old is her friend?? I love that Ivy can keep up! You are such a great Mama - hope I can keep up ;)


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