Friday, April 6, 2012

The Sisters

This week has been absolutely distractions....just us.... the sisters and the mama. It has been wonderful! In fact, so wonderful that I know I am going to have the Sunday blues BAD after our week at home. But I will try not to think of that and enjoy the next 3 days for what they are- Easter weekend! The biggest celebration day for us Jesus Followers. The time of year that we remember the ultimate gift that Jesus has given us- His death for Our grace and Our eternal life. What a prize!

This week I have seen the sisters change. Their relationship has evolved between Monday and Friday at home with each other. The week started with Ivy diving on top of toys and hoarding her "favorites" to keep them out of Tula's reach. Tula started with a temper, out to destroy everything Ivy had set up to perfection. Now it is different.

Playing together. Snuggling together. Laughing together. Singing together.
They have united and I sometimes feel outside of their secret world. They dive on top of me with kisses- like it was a planned attack. They share the same books before a nap time. They both stand beside the freezer with a grin waiting on ice cream! And they help each other- Tula delivering Ivy her blanket when she is sad, Ivy giving Tula her milk cup when she drops it off her high chair for the hundredth time, making each other giggle when it is much needed.

The change is good. I welcome this team, even if at times I know they will unite against me. I am excited for their relationship to grow and for them to become playmates, friends, and forever they will be the sisters.

I am a lucky lady to be their mama- I took this week to really enjoy my sweet girls and I just don't want it to be over. Summer....are you here yet?


  1. So sweet. I have two sisters and we def. had our fights growing up, but now we are best friends. I'm sure their friendship will continue so grow as they get older! I am SO ready for summer! :)

  2. Tears and smiles all at the same time. Sweet post.

  3. what a wonderful post! summer will be SO much fun for you 3!! and I love the little baby stroller Ivy was pushing! too cute!

  4. So sweet! I can only imagine the emotions you experience as their relationship grows and changes.


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