Wednesday, April 4, 2012


We have continued to enjoy our little spring break staycation.... but we did get away one day, naming that our "away-cation." But before I get on to that, two things to take note of:

1. I am an idiot and TOTALLY aware that our spring break is not tucked between Good Friday and Easter! That would be a ONE day break and I am not okay with that. So thankfully our perfect little break begins 1 week PRIOR to Good Friday and lasts through Easter.

2. I have pretty much abandoned my real camera. Not that I had a fancy shmancy one, but I did have one that takes better pictures than my phone. However, with 2 children my camera seems to be forgotten at home and when I do remember it I am too slow to pull it out and capture a moment.... so the iphone it is. So sorry for the poor quality!

Now onto the Away-cation.....

We hopped on a bus (aka a silver mini-van) and headed to Cincinnati because two wonderful things are tucked away in the big city! The first wonderful stop, was to the Cincinnati Children's Museum. It was my first time but we did have little tour guide on our hands. Maybe you remember Ivy's first time with her Unc and Esie!

The girls had a great time exploring. Tula ran quickly through each section, stopping a little longer to rock and baby and crawl into the fish tank with the turtles and fish! Ivy loved the ball area and spent lots of time with just Daddy in the water fun. Tula would have loved the water too but let's be honest, that would have been a mess.

Once we had all the fun in the world, we hopped into this little boat and headed to the wonderful stop number 2, Unc and Esie's house!
(The boat didn't get us too far so back to the silver van it was.... but after a day at the museum our imaginations were running wild!)

Unc was in a great mood because his team was playing that night and he was certain they would win- and yes, they did! We ate a HUGE pizza and had fun hanging out. Esie had a baby bump and I was so excited that it had really grown in just a week's time!! I am already anticipating the next time we see them.... she will really be showing and we might even know if I have a niece or nephew on the way. Tula warmed up to them quite a bit this time. I suppose seeing them twice in less than 2 weeks was a big help. Ivy is silly, silly around her Unc and the only way to get her calm down is to let her play "Hair Dresser" with Esie. I am so thankful that Esie complies with this request time and time again. We love our Unc and Esie and were thankful that we could get away to see them one day!

At the end of a long day, we hopped back into the plain old mini van and headed home!
I was absolutely excited that my SPONTANEOUS spring break still had so many more days ahead. And believe me, the fun has just kept on coming!


  1. Looks like all had a great time. Thankful for family love!

  2. We had so much fun that night with you all! I'm so thankful for family that makes time to come see us! And ivy can fix my hair any and every time - she (and her skills) are most def loved by this aunt!


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