Monday, March 26, 2012

a top 10 memory

my family loves and they love hard.

everytime we get together we laugh, we eat, we talk, and we laugh some more. it is always a good time and i am so thankful for them. for my parents- who are excellent role models, for my awesome brother, and for the most amazing woman that anthony chose to be his wife and before long..... like in the middle of september they will welcome a sweet baby.

so if you have calculated correctly you know-

but this weekend was awesome and just one little snapshot of our 2 days together highlights one of my top 10 family memories.

So I present to you.... family kickball.....HILARIOUS!

this game sent our little red ball flying faster than it ever has through the air of our backyard.

this game caused some videoing to be used (for black mailing) if need be :)

this game caused my sweet, innocent brother to launch a line drive across the yard to get my mom out- where ouch, it nearly knocked her head off!

this game gave us some hope that ivy might have more athleticism and coordination than we have given her credit for.

this game was family bonding, family fun, and family memories on overload!

memories are a great thing.

you have to be intentional about creating some memories, like a first birthday, a trip to disney, a camping trip, or going canoeing together.

but other memories just happen and at times, those are the ones you go to bed thinking of and hope for more of when you wake up the next day.

i am thankful for a family where those kind of memories just happen... all the time.


  1. So fun! Can't wait to meet your niece or nephew! :)

  2. Aw you are really lucky that you are close to your parents. Looks like fun!

  3. Family means the world to me--and mine is awesome! Love you!!

  4. I wanted to see the baby bump!!!!!!

  5. haha such a fun fun day....I felt really guilty about throwing the ball at mom for quite a long time after that game though.

    And I'm thinking the video should be posted hahahaha

  6. Aww, top 10 POST!!! I loved reading this and laughed aloud the whole time. On the way home, aj said,"I feel really bad for nailing my mom. Do you think she knows I didn't mean to hurt her?" haha!! That was a great evening - props to nana for starting kickball!


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