Saturday, March 10, 2012

18 months....and 10 days

Tula Belle @ 18 months
Height: 29 inches (4%)
Weight: 20lbs (3%)

It is hard to believe my "little" baby is already 18 months, 1 and a half, and half way to 3 (which is SO big)! It is amazing how fast they grow but this time I am hanging onto Tula being a baby and taking one day at a time. I am not in a hurry for the days or time to pass because I know I will blink my eyes and she will be going to kindergarten!

Tula is independent. She wants to freedom to do what Ivy does and she doesn't like my help. She tries to get dressed, gets her own shoes out of the basket, picks out her sippy cup, chooses the paci she wants to have, and likes to eat by herself. While in some ways she tries to be so big she also loves being the baby.... and when you ask her name she responds with a huge grin, "Baby!"

The baby Tula loves a few things.... her paci and blankie are definitely at the top of the list. She also loves a tiny baby doll that is easy for her to tote around feed, rock, and sing to. And while on the topic of singing, my baby girl loves music. She mimics songs and actually uses a singing voice. She busts out into a "La, la, la, laaaaaa" from time to time and always loves dancing to music.

Tula has no fear. She loves to climb, run, and be pushed on a tricycle. She has one speed- fast! She has had more bumps and bruises than Ivy has had in all 4 years. You can't turn your back or she will have climbed in the pantry (can you spot the little climber below?), climbed onto a big bed, or be standing on top of some toys that she has strategically placed into a stack! We pray we can protect her for a just a little bit longer because our girl is wild!

Tula is her own little person. She is full of smiles, giggles, and songs! She is a free spirit and being outside calms her down from any grouchy mood she is ever in. She loves to swing, slide, and roam.... however relaxing in a stroller is not really her thing. Every day that she grows I hang on to the little baby in her, but I also enjoy all the little facets of her personality that begin to shine!

Happy half birthday to our little wild mama!


  1. She is so teeny and such a little monkey! It is so funny to see how their little personalities develop. Corin is a good 4 pounds heavier and a probably at least 3 inches taller but she is such a chicken:) She gets scared very easily. Can't believe our babies are 1 1/2....time for another one:)

  2. haha so fun!!! I love that little girl.

  3. Such a doll baby!!


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