Sunday, November 6, 2011

Little Mommies

In the last two months, Tula has been in serious training. Ivy has been purposeful about teaching her how to be a mommy. And as time passes, I am already seeing the shift from baby to friend. Before long Tula will be Ivy's favorite playmate! I can't wait until they can really play together and I get to hear them BOTH talk about cooking, dressing up, caring for babies, and going to tea parties. It will be freedom from the real world to step into their land of make-believe.... even it is just for a moment!

"Here Tula... every baby needs a bottle. Hold her like this... and silly girl, don't pour the bottle upside down!"

"This is how you change their clothes. And every mommy needs a well packed diaper bag with outfits, bottles, food- not like our mama who is totally unprepared with her purse and a stand-alone paci and usually one diaper and our mama never has wipes. Mommies must have wipes."

"Put your babies in their seats so they are safe while you cook for them. The kitchen can be dangerous for little babies like you, Tula Belle."

"Good job, Tula. Stand right there to feed your baby!"

And then my moment in the land of make believe is interrupted with screaming after Tula falls over with the high chair and is given her latest goose egg smack in the middle of her forehead. Who knew being a mommy was so dangerous?!?! Apparently, in the kitchen things get kind of scary- according to Ivy!

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  1. Poor Tula! I'm so excited just thinking about Peyton getting bigger to really play with Bailey. Sounds like Ivy is a great teacher/playmate for Tula!


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