Friday, November 18, 2011

A Jamfest of Children.... plus one

There are some people that are more than friends.... they are really like family and the Amburgey's are that to us. Through the years, I hope Ivy and Tula will be able to see Rob and Cicely as an extra aunt and uncle and they can enjoy growing up with Rhett, Sidney Shea, and now Oaklee like some cousins get the opportunity to do. This is such a blessing that we can live so close, have so much fun, and be just like family. I am so thankful for this family like friendship, because who can turn down a little more family!! :)

This picture captures it all... they have so. much. fun. Seriously! Everybody had their instruments, Rhett was the leader counting off, and the jam fest began and went on and on! They danced and sang and marched and skipped. Greg and I would laugh and think... this is what it would be like with 4 kids under 4- shoooo- it made us tired just thinking about it! When I asked him, "So are you ready for 4 kids?" He was quick in answering, "Yep" and then added.... "for a few hours!" Haha!

At the next family jam, there will be 4 plus one! Sweet Oaklee made her arrival on November 10th and look how stinking cute she is :)

I think she is already ready to start shaking a maraca and being part of the next kid party!

Welcome, Baby Oaklee Jo into our family!!
We love you :)


  1. Friends like family are the best--I am glad you have this with the Amburgeys!

  2. We've also been blessed to have friends that are now "aunts and uncles" to our girls and I love it! Looks like they were having such a good time.


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