Sunday, November 27, 2011

ivyisms.... they never stop

Ivy and Jack the one guy who she ALWAYS loves.... despite a rotten mood!

Every now and then I have to stop and write these things down. Ivy is funny... and sometimes I mean silly funny and sometimes I mean bad funny. Lately, it has been that latter- so I try to discipline her and then I have to stuff my face in a pillow and laugh. So I am writing these 4 year old Ivyisms down because before I know it she will be more mature (haha-probably not) and these will be a thing of the past :)

After a long day of timeouts....
Greg: Ivy, I hate days like today. I hope that tomorrow the good Ivy is back and we can have so much fun.
Ivy: (With not even a smirk) I'm afraid the good Ivy is on vacation for a while.
Greg: Hmmmm, I hope she comes back soon.
Ivy: We'll see.....

After hearing Ivy talk very rude to Tula and some a friend....
Mommy: Ivy, I don't like the way I heard you talking. You had a mean tone and were being kind of bossy.
Ivy: Well, I learned to talk that way from you.
Mommy: (Eyes bulging, mouth opened, no words)
Ivy: Like you say, "Ivy, get on your shoes" (very calm and sing/songy) and then you say, "IVY! GET YOUR SHOES ON RIGHT NOW!"
Mommy: That is a way that mommies talk to their children when they don't listen. Not a way to talk to friends or Tula.
Ivy: Will I be your child when I am 10?
Mommy: Yes, mam. Even when you are 35.
Ivy: Does Nana still talk to you like that? (She was trying to catch mama in a lie!)
Mommy: Yes, when she needs to she does!

During a sinus infection....
Daddy: Ivy, let me help you blow your nose one last time. (at pre-school)
Ivy: You have got to be kidding! I am NOT blowing my nose a school!
Daddy: Why? That's silly!
Ivy: That's not silly, it's embarrassing!

After Ivy and Daddy jam session on the way to school....
Daddy gets Ivy out of the car still singing and NO one is in the parking lot around them.
Ivy: (Giving Daddy glaring eyes...) Stop, singing, we are at school and that is embarrassing!

Wanting to play with JUST Mommy....
Ivy: Can you put Tula away?
Mommy: What?
Ivy: Can you put Tula away in her bed for a while?
Mommy: Well, no, I am excited to play with you and Tula. This is what you do when you have 2 kids.
Ivy: That's why you don't need any more kids? OKAY?
(She has changed her mind on this subject many times.)

Shooooo..... they never stop! :) At least they are all things that have had enough time pass that we are all smiles around here now.

Compassionate Ivy giving kisses to Jack


  1. Love, love, love her!

  2. ok this is too funny, she is a riot. Over Thanksgiving my dad reminded me of something ridiculous I said when my first baby sis came along. He said he was giving Becky a bath (she was a baby) and I was about 3 and I looked up at him and said "How does Becky die?"

    WHAT!?!?! Would you not flip out? Like what's wrong with you crazy kid, get away from the baby in the bathtub!

    hahahahhaha, Kids are so funny.

  3. Kids sure have a way of putting us in our places! She is very clever and a smart little girl. She's going to keep you on your toes!

  4. hahaha she's so quick witted. The toughest use of that wit has yet to come though!


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