Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Princess Dream (DISNEY- PART 2)

Ivy and all the princesses!!! Tula even got some love from Princess Ariel :)

More than anything else about our Disney adventure Ivy couldn't wait to meet THE princesses.... the REAL princesses! So 180 days in advanced, our reservations were booked and we couldn't wait for this magical evening to take place. I must confess, we saved money in the hotel department so we could do this full princess experience and it was beyond worth it.

We began at the Bippity Boppity Boutique with Ivy's fairy god mother, Arin, who was sent to get her ready for dinner at the castle. We followed excellent advice and brought our own dress and shoes taking the $260 package down to $58 to get her hair, make up, and nails done. Ivy was very quiet during this experience. In fact, I later thought we could have passed up the boutique, and headed straight to the castle.... until Ivy told me that was one of her favorite memories! (Oops!) The fairy god mothers were over the top, with the princess hair, princess talk, fairy dust, making wishes, etc! I thought it was absolutely magical and so much fun to have a little girl. EVERYONE in all of Disney addressed Ivy and Tula as "Princess" and that was definitely the feeling Ivy got after leaving Bibbity Boppity !

Our Prince surprised his little Princess with these shoes.... perfect for the occasion!

Then we headed over to Cinderella's castle. We were greeted by Cinderella herself and it was so beautiful inside. Disney spent the big bucks here.... and so did we!! :) We were lead up a spiral stair case to our table and the princesses (Ivy, Tula, and Mommy) were given a wand and a wishing star and our prince (Daddy) was given a sword to protect us. Dinner was yummy.... by far the most exquisite Disney meal we had and during dinner the special guests arrived one by one! Princess Aurora, Princess Ariel, Princess Belle, and Princess Snow White all came in and visited with each table. Ivy was absolutely in awe! To see her face with each princess was worth every little penny.

A sleepy princess and Daddy waiting for the parade to begin!

All in all this night was our favorite Disney experience and definitely made one little girl's Princess Dream come true!


  1. So fun! We did this same thing when the girls were 3 & 4. It was so much fun. Great memories!

  2. So sweet! Can't wait until Ruthie is old enough to go and enjoy the princesses!

  3. This probably sounds so stupid, but I totally broke down in tears when I read this! It just sounds so awesome & I cannot wait to take Isis to Disney!! Although we'll probably wait until we're done having kids so they can all enjoy it & so we don't spend those big bucks a bunch of times. Either way, this really does sound magical & I'm so happy Ivy had such a great time!

  4. I can only imagine the look on her face! I bet she had a permanent smile. Way to go Dad for taking one for the team (:


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