Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh My.... Sunshine!

We love the sun! Our day started at 10am outside and we just came inside for a late nap at 2:00! It has been glorious to enjoy the sun and according to the weather there is a lot more where this is coming from. :) I have loved spring break... visiting great friends that I don't see nearly enough during the hustle of work... but I am loving spring break so much more to see the sunshine! Here are some pics of Ivy playing in the backyard this morning.

Setting up house.... chair, purse, babies.... that is all a girl needs!

Taking a picture of her babies on the swing... notice her short sleeves. She has asked me everyday since we tried on her summer clothes if she can wear short sleeves and she was pumped to pick out a new shirt out of the "summer drawer" to wear today :)

Pushing her babies- they even took turns with the blue swings. She is such a little mama!


  1. So glad you've got this beautiful weather for your spring break!

  2. fun!! she's so good at entertaining herself.

  3. Yay for a beautiful Spring Break! Hopefully ours will be pretty??!!

  4. This weather is awesome! She is so cute:) Glad you are having a good spring break!

  5. wish we had spring break the same week! glad you are getting nice weather!


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