Monday, March 8, 2010

Is it spring.... really?!?!

We have been loving the last several days of warmer temperatures. We have been getting outside- taking walks, visiting the cows, drawing with chalk, playing on our swing set, and going to the park! We are being spoiled. Every night when we eat dinner and talk about why we had a good day.... Ivy's response keeps being something about the outdoors. So I can only hope it lasts!!

"Dear Jesus,
Please keep this good weather coming!
You are making a little girl oh so happy.
And when she goes to bed and sleeps perfectly... someone else is happy too!
We love this pretty weather and are enjoying your sunshine.

First... warming up on the baby slide.

Now, we are ready for the big one!! It is so steep I am even a little scared on it :)
(I suppose that is where Ivy gets her whimpiness!)

We love driving the cars.

Mommy and Ivy posing by our art work....
Sorry Allie, can't really see the baby bump with my jacket on!


  1. Isn't this warm weather great??

    I agree...we need some baby bump pictures!!

  2. We are even thankful for warm weather here is Florida. It has been a little chilly until this week

  3. We are so excited for spring! It is so nice to get outside. I however, am not looking forward to the middle of summer with a HUGE belly. I have never been huge preggo in the summer. I am sure it will be lots of fun:)

    And yes, that picture is unacceptable of your bump. You must do better:)

  4. I can't wait for spring! This weather is wonderful!


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