Monday, November 2, 2009

Ivy Bug and Monkey Rhett

This year we had a fabulous Halloween with Ivy! Our friends, the Amburgey's, came over for dinner and then we did trick-or-treating in our neighborhood together. Ivy and Rhett go to the babysitters together and play like siblings and Cicely and I work together.... so obviously Rob and Greg are forced to be friends! We had a great time. Ivy loves them- so much that she always pretends to call them and names each and everyone of her babydolls after one of the Amburgey's!! It cracks me up :) She has such a big imagination right now.


Anyways, onto the trick-or-treating! It was a perfect evening, after a particularly gloomy day. Rhett was into running as fast as he could from door to wagon, sure that he would get there before Ivy... typical boy! Ivy meandered, cautiously to the door, picked through the candy bowl and slowly walked back to wagon adoring other costumes and even the tiniest bugs on the driveways. They were quite the pair! Cicely and I hope to make this a Halloween tradition- next year we will have one more baby to add to the mix... she is expecting a little girl in January! (Which makes Ivy even a little hungrier for a sibling!! That silly goose!)
Here are some pictures to capture IvyBug and MonkeyRhett!

Posing with their costumes in front of the full length mirror!

A little nervous, at the first house.

Posing with the cute fall decorations!

Waiting patiently for candy!

Having a treat as we headed home :)
Happy Halloween 2009


  1. They were so stinkin' cute! Glad you guys had fun...and I love the red shoes!


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