Sunday, November 15, 2009

Enjoying Mommyhood

Why I love having a 2 year old:

When you are 2, you can wake up and be whoever you want and no one thinks twice about it. You can wake up and be princess or a doctor or a mommy. It can be Halloween every day and you can proclaim Happy Birthday to yourself whenever you please. You can be so incredibly true to your feelings, even when it's ugly for the viewers. People just seem to understand that is what it is like to be 2. We were all 2 once and hear of the stories of our silliness and temper tantrums that cleared the room.
I love that Ivy is 2... even when it is ugly.
I think I have truly embraced that this is a stage and I will never get back yesterday. Our babies grow too fast and I refuse to hang on to the hard times of each stage, like I have been known to do. I don't want to look back and think:
Wow at first the sleepless nights were hard.
Then the strict schedule was tough.
Then she started wanted to eat everything... and boy was it difficult to watch her every move.
Next she was one and on the move- and where did my baby go??
Then came the inner mommy struggles about paci's and bottles and the pressures around.
Before I knew it, those tantrums came and really trumped the other hard stuff.
Each stage has a struggle of it's own, but what about all the good stuff? That is what I want to hang onto and remember.
I remember the smell of the newborn Ivy.
I remember her first smile.
I remember her scrawny legs and long toes.
I remember the first time she slept through the night and woke up with the most satisfied grin.
I remember when she seemed to take in every detail of my face.
I remember when she made such distinct expressions as she ate new foods.
I remember her first steps, her first words, and the first time she folded her hands to pray.
I remember when she said "I love you."
I remember when she started playing mommy.
I remember when she started trying to read her books to me.
I remember when she started professing her love for the moon and the stars.
I remember when she started showing her creative side.
I want to enjoy Ivy every day. This has been one of the hardest parts about working full time. My time with Ivy is short Monday through Friday, a few hours each evening. We try to do something fun each day... go for nature walks, swing, color, do play-dough, or play "Mommy." But on the days when we are tired or grouchy, I go to bed drained and trying to hang on to something that was good.
Right now something that I am truly enjoying (even though I struggled to accept it... at times) is her independence in her choice of clothing! Everyday she has an opinion of her own, whether it is red shoes with pink pants or pajamas all day or bows of many random colors, Ivy wants to dress herself. So if you see my child in public, please attempt to embrace her wild side :)
Here are some recent photos of Ivy's fashion sense!!


  1. Loved this post...I never want to look back and regret not really enjoying my kids. Our girls love each other most of the time but at least a few times a day they have knock out fights. I hate feeling like I am always disciplining them. Like you said, it is just so important to make the best of everyday, because there are always going to be hard days.

    Ivy is adorable. I am totally digging her "style." It reminds me a lot of Gabby's.

  2. Love the jammies and cowboy boots! She's such a cute little thing!

    You're totally right. Ever since Kenna was born I find myself not minding the rough patches as much because I know they'll be long gone before I know it and she'll be a big girl! What will we do when they're all grown up?! Now I know why grandparents LOVE their grandbabies!

  3. Well, this post made me:

    a) want another baby
    b) want to cry
    c) laugh out loud at Ivy's "style"
    d) want another baby :)

  4. Aww--made me teary and laugh all at the same time. Please enjoy--it does go way too fast. I always say I wish I could do it all again with the knowledge I have now. I am proud of you--you are a wonderful mommy.

  5. To fully embrace the moment like you do will allow you to celebrate the next stage that is quickly rolling along. You'll look back with fond memories, not regrets. Good for you!

  6. That was a terrific post! You really inspired and encouraged me to find the good in every day. Some days are tough but we should be grateful for each one as if it's our last. Thank you for the helping me live for the moment!

    By the way, Ivy is adorable and is clearly going to be a fashionista!

  7. Thank you for this precious post. Although I am just embarking on the motherhood journey it is a good reminder to look at life and remember all of the blessings


Thanks for your encouragement as I travel through this season of life called mommyhood!