Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Wedding Party

Our great friends, Aaron and Erica, got married last weekend! Greg was honored to be one of the groomsmen. Ivy didn't join us for the actual ceremony but she was so excited to attend her very first "wedding party." She was prepared for something really fancy... to get dressed up, to see a princess, and to dance dance dance! The whole way there she proclaimed that she was so excited and she definitely had a blast! Congrats to Aaron and Erica on a gorgeous wedding and thanks for letting us celebrate with you!

Erica looked fabulous.... she had a lasting impression on Ivy! We are still talking about Princess Erica :)

We got to hang out with Megan and Jake! We hope to get to go visit them in Minnesota next summer.

Ivy and Daddy doing the twist!


  1. Love the picture of her and daddy dancing!

  2. you could always take the train up to MN??? Just a tought! She looks precious!


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