Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th Weekend

We had a fabulous weekend!! We had our first family get together at our house on Friday night. It was amazing! Anthony and Chelsea got here first... after getting lost and driving a complete circle around Nicholasville. Haha- who can manage the streets of downtown Cincinnati and get lost in Nicholasville.... leave it to Unc! Ivy was so sweet with them, giving them the tour of her new house and having lots of fun in the yard. We ordered pizza for dinner and shortly after we began our meal.... MY PARENTS CAME!!!! My parents had been in France all week and I really missed them. I couldn't wait to have them at our house! I know they were exhausted coming basically straight from the airport to our house and having such a big time change.... I hope it was worth it to come hang out on Lefty Loop!

Ivy and Nana playing with the toys she brought her from Paris!

Ivy and Aunt Chelsea taking a break from golf, by the "barm"!

(yes, we have progressed from Esie)


On Saturday, we hung out at our house in the morning and then got to Nana and Pops house a little before lunch time. My mom made an amazing (nontraditional) 4th of July lunch. Instead of doing a cook out in the cold weather (seriously... on July 4th), we had fish tacos, corn on the cob, and yummy smores dessert! It was delicious. Afterwards the boys and Ivy took a nap while the girls went shopping. We all went to church and then hung out for a while before Unc and Aunt Chelsea headed home. Ivy was so comfortable with them this weekend! I loved it. It melted my heart to see her so enamoured with everything about Chelsea and to see her giggle and cackle at Unc's silliness! I can't wait until we see them again!

So silly!! (She is campaigning for IT!!!)

Rubbing noses :) Special Pops and Ivy kisses!


That evening, we were bound and determined to see fireworks. But seriously, it was cold and rainy!!! We were troopers and we headed to the high school to watch RJ Corman's fireworks. I felt like a real "Nicholasvillian".... I don't know if that is what we are called??? Haha. We put Ivy in her pj's and threw some chairs in the car. Ivy was entertained by all the people and then the fireworks started. She enjoyed them momentarily until about 5 firetrucks came because the alarms inside the school had been set off. Ivy loved the loud trucks and sirens and could have cared less about the fireworks. Greg and I enjoyed them until we were so wet and cold it was time to go home. Overall, it was a great July 4th weekend!!


Guess what time it is??? Almost time for Ivy's 2nd birthday! I can't believe that another year has flown by this fast. Today I had so much fun birthday shopping for her. Now I just have to wait 26 more days... wow that is a long time.... to keep her presents a secret!!!

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  1. It was a very nasty 4th of July!! Looks like you all still managed to have a great time though. And it can't almost be Ivy's 2nd birthday...because that means it's getting closer to Bailey's 2nd birthday, and I'm just not ready yet!! :)


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