Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ivy's First Trip to the Dentist

This week Ivy had her first dentist appointment. We have been talking about going to the dentist for about a month to get her ready. Mommy and Daddy had dentist appointments earlier in July.... she kept reminding us that it was soon going to be "Ivy's Turn!" Here are some photos to capture this Ivy first!


We got several books from the library and read about the dentist religiously for two weeks!

Ivy walked in and opened her mouth wide for the receptionist... assuming that was the dentist. It was pediatric dentist office so she was entertained while we waited, and once they called her name she was done with the toys and ready for "Ivy's Turn!"

The brushed Ivy's teeth with a normal tooth brush and she did great! However, they then attempted x-rays and she was not okay with this. Then they showed her the tooth tickler (polisher) and she was not willing to lay down in the chair. She kept telling them "I sitting up."

Dr. Wheeler thought Ivy's teeth looked great... she has 4 more baby teeth to come in.
Such a big girl!

Ivy's least favorite part... having to lay back to get a glimpse of those top teeth chompers and her pretty little gap!

Overall, I think that Ivy's first dentist trip was great! It wasn't scarring and I know that she will be comfortable returning in January. I hope that 6 months from now Dr. Wheeler will be able to check a few more things off of her "to do" list!


  1. I am glad it went so well. I always loved going to the dentist as a child, because the experience was always enjoyable.

  2. sorry Sarah............the above comment is me AMBER

  3. Seems like it went pretty well. We've been talking about going soon as well. Great idea getting books from the library...we might have to steal that one!

  4. Aww... how fun! I'm glad to hear it went okay. I just came from my visit last week and spoke to my dentist about taking Ella... makes me nervous!

  5. I know she was so excited! What a good little girl!

  6. Ivy's first trip is just so wonderful! I also love going to my dentist and my kids do too. You just have to educate your kids on how fun dentist offices can be so they won't be scared of them.


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