Sunday, July 29, 2012


Some of the best memories of my childhood were at Vacation Bible School.  I remember the energy as people made stories of the Bible come to life, I loved to have my friends around me singing the themed songs, and the impact really lasted a lifetime (Kendra, I can still see you dressed up for Fruits of the Spirit!!).  As I have transitioned from little girl to a Mommy of little girls, I wanted experiences like VBS for them! And this week I got to see Ivy experience her first Vacation Bible School and I got to have the new experience of being a crew leader to a sweet group of twenty 5th graders! 

 Ivy was excited to go each night and she has been singing the songs all week long.  She was happy to see so many friends' faces in one place and is already asking when the next VBS is!

Lazarus was brought out of the tomb after 4 days.... a reminder that God answers prayers in His timing!
  The theme of the week was perfect for all these kids- no matter what walk of life they come from- through everything TRUST GOD!  I got chills as the shouted through the roof tops...
"No matter what happens, Trust God!"
"No matter where you are, Trust God!"
"No matter what people do, Trust God!" 
"Now matter how you feel, Trust God!"

And if I am being totally honest, these words and these promises were a comfort to me as the seasons begin to change and my insecurities and overwhelming feelings tend to take over.  I need to remember that this is the time to "Trust God" and let Him lead.

Needless to say, I was tired after 5 evenings of VBS but the reward was beyond worth it!  To be able to see my little one thrive and grow in her love of Jesus and to hear her proclaim that "Vacation Bible School is like a vacation without going on a real vacation!" tells me that she loved it.  And the ultimate high came today when a new family joined our church and one of my 5th graders from the week was baptized along with his mom and brother!

God is so good!

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  1. Just now getting to this. You are the evangelist, Sarah, baptizing folks left and right lol! And that quote from Ivy about vacation is one for the ages. So glad you all love that new church.


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