Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Valentine's

These are my little Valentines hugging my big Valentine.
This is how my girls greet their daddy every evening when he comes home from work. And I stare from across the room and think about how lucky we are to have such a good man to call Daddy and Husband. And I think about how special he must feel to hear people cheer his name and then be tackled with hugs EVERY day when he walks in the door.
<3 Love It! <3

Ivy and I had so much fun decorating Valentine's Cards. She choose "Hello Kitty" store bought ones for all of her friends at school and then we perfectly placed some m&m's to each one. But then we used glitter, glue, and construction paper to hand make each one for her teachers and she even made one for Kristy from Tula! She loved all the glitter :)

One of my many pinteresty friends told me about these PERFECT smores Valentines from Mrs. Smorstad. So we put graham crackers, a jumbo marshmallow, and Hershey kisses into little heart bags for all my students and attached a little card that said "Everyday I love you smore!" They were a huge hit!

Ivy was so proud of herself for helping on the assembly line! Then she decided she wanted to make these Valentines for her teachers :) So we did!

One of the best parts about Valentine's Day was a special weekend away that I had with this man! We had a great overnight date in Louisville last weekend. We went shopping, saw a movie, got dressed up for a nice dinner, stayed at the Galt House, and got to relax on Sunday morning! It was the perfect little get away and time to reconnect :) The little ones were perfectly taken care of at Nana and Pops' house but this was Ivy's comment about our mini vacation:

"Well, Nana. I guess Mommy and Daddy love each other more than they love their very own daughters!"
Geez Louise, what are we going to do with that little stinker!

Hope you all had a special day with your own Valentines.... little and big!

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  1. Sweet post--can feel the love! You are blessed!!


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