Friday, February 24, 2012


Tula sharing my coffee one dip at a time!

I love mornings. Not all mornings. I just love chill out mornings that drag on for as long as I please. Right now I can't wait for my relaxing Saturday morning...... in about 14 hours it will be here. I seriously start dreaming of a lazy weekend morning by Thursday.

I love being in my pajamas until way too late.
I love eating my breakfast SLOWLY.... at a kitchen table or snuggled on the couch.
I love watching little girls play in footed pajamas that are sometimes layered with dress up clothes.
I love getting to catch up with my husband over too many cups of coffee.
And last, I love sharing little "bips" of coffee with my sweet girl.

Yep, Tula loves to dip her paci in my coffee and begs for a "bip" over and over.
And of course, I oblige.

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  1. Summer is a comin'---love the mornings!!


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