Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tula's Vacation Day

Tula experienced vacation life in Seaside, Florida very differently this year! Last year, I could keep her with me every step of the way as she was growing each day inside my round belly. But this year she was here with us- experiencing more than just the blurred sounds and movements of vacation but actually taking in the sights and feelings around her. She was a great travel baby (no surprise to us!!) and because she is super flexible the vacation schedule had nothing on her. However, she was super excited to be back in her own bed on Saturday night... and she celebrated by sleeping until after 10 AM on Sunday morning! Here is a glimpse into a typical vacation day for our sweet Tula :)

Daddy showing her the ocean for the first time.... so big!

Tula was toted through town in the baby carrier. LOVE my ERGO carrier... if you are looking for something that will not hurt your back, is super duper easy to put the baby in and go, and will grow through the stages (Tula started at 1 week with the infant insert, now in regular front facing, and Ivy can be toted if she is riding piggy back style)!

Loving a ride with sister :)

Taking afternoon floats in the pool- look at that signature Tula smile!

Daddy taking her into the calm, clear water :)

Enjoying people watching on the lawn with Unc and Daddy.

Tula tends to be a camera hog with her BIG grin.... EVERY TIME!

Morning naps on the beach- more beach time for Mommy, Daddy, and Ivy!

Digging in the sand and having a bite from time to time~ ewww!

Chilling with a little drink to cool down!

Sometimes we caged our girl up in the beach wagon to keep her from eating the sand and seaweed!

Overall, Tula had a fabulous first time on vacation and she is on board with her big sister- they are both ready to move to the coast! We definitely have some beach babies :)


  1. precious!! Sarah you all are so precious!

  2. Best vacation ever! Loved hanging out with you guys all week. Blessed beyond belief!

  3. her grin is SO lovable!! this is precious!

    and if your family moves to the beach...and then your parents move to the beach....and then chels and aj move to the beach...i may have to jump on that bandwagon! i can be the babysitter! ha!

  4. I just love her smile! So glad she loved the beach as well.

  5. I am so glad everyone had such a great vacation! :)

  6. So incredibly cute. She seems like such a great baby!!

  7. Adorable pictures! I am going to steal your way of displaying each child's vacation in pictures for our own.


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