Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ivy's Vacation Day

Ivy LOVED vacation.... everything about it! Going back to the same place- same house, same week, same people- was fun for her. She could remember so much about our time last year so the car ride was a breeze- and if know Ivy that in itself deserves its own party! The whole way there we played "remember this...." and "remember when...." and we arrived to Hickory Street in Seaside, Florida ready to make new "remembers."

Here is Ivy's typical vacation day.... captured in photos!

Testing out the new sand toys on our first evening there.

Having a snack in her home-made beach chair :)

On our way to the early morning 4th of July parade- by the end she had two pairs of sunglasses, about 20 beaded necklaces, and a whole sack of candy!

Building in the sand with her HOTTY daddy!

Sand bathing diva :)

LOVING the ocean.... this was a huge change from last year!

Hop scotch in the sand.

Wave jumping!

~Little Miss Dancing Queen~

Jumping off the side of the pool- look at that splash!

Ivy definitely created so many more "remembers" this year. She is already excited to go back to the beach and asking if we will stay in the house with the pink windows.... can you tell she is a creature of habit??!! On the way home she was negotiating (I am in trouble, I know!) how we could stay at the beach- here was her plan since work and our house were two BIG reasons we had to come home-

A house.... no big deal!

Ivy: "Well, Mommy, we could just live in any of those houses that we walked past, like, everyday!"
Mommy: "Ivy, do you have a few million dollars?"
Ivy: "Well...... maybe. I can count!"

A job.... find one!

Ivy: "Don't kids go to school at the beach?"
Mommy: "Well, yeah, I guess they do."
Ivy: "Well, then you can teach them. And Daddy, I am sure you can find a job coloring somewhere at the beach."

For the record, Daddy is not a "colorer" but instead a landscape architect for an architecture firm. Ivy loves the pretty things he designs/colors! :)

Needless to say, Ivy is ready to be back on vacation... and Daddy and I are daydreaming about moving there!


  1. If y'all move to the beach, I'm moving to the beach. Done deal.

  2. If y'all move to the beach, and Anthony and Chelsea move to the beach, I will be there, too!
    I am glad Ivy had fun--she was so good the whole time!

  3. Sweet girl. I love the ideas that little minds come up with. So glad you all had a great trip!

  4. What a smart girl, she has it all figured out! I love Seaside! It's killing me that we don't get to go this year, but you're the 3rd person I know that has gone this year, so I guess I'll just have to live through wonderful photos until next summer. Glad you all had a good trip.

  5. This is so sweet and she looks like she had so much fun!

  6. This is so sweet and she looks like she had so much fun!

    I am glad the majority of her travel woes are over.


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