Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So for Christmas, Tula asked for one of these little wonders:

Tula Belle sleeping ever so peacefully in her very own polka- dotty bed!
For your viewing pleasure from the MobiCam.

Then she got it and we stuck it in the closet. Who really needs a video monitor when your baby sleeps in your arms? But now with the NEW, heavenly changes taking place at the Smorstad house we have LOVED our video monitor and I don't think I could sleep a wink without it.

So why are we able to use our Christmas gift now that it is March... because my friends, Tula has been "Ferberized"- if you will :) I enjoyed the first two weeks of Tula's precious life having her sleep in the co-sleeper attached to my bed, the next month or so she slept comfortably on the Boppy pillow in my bed, and by month two and a half.... she had weaseled herself right into my arms. No complaints here! It was special. I enjoyed having her so close, conveniently nursing her during the night, being able to sooth her so easily. I wouldn't trade it, don't regret, and hypothetical Baby #3 may travel that same road as a new baby!

But Tula had gotten bigger and a little more restless. She didn't seem comfortable and had a difficult time falling asleep. She was snacking throughout the night- it was available so why not?? I heard horror stories of BIG kids still in their parents' beds (which was definitely NOT my intention). And I knew by her 6th month of life something had to change.

About two weeks ago we started trying to move Tula into her own bed. We would rock and rock and rock and feed and rock until her little eyes were sealed but within minutes (sometimes seconds) of laying her down her eyes were wide and she was getting some mega practice using those vocal chords! The "getting her to sleep" lasted until we were both ready for bed and then by about 1 AM Tula found herself right back in the same old nook somewhere between Mommy, Daddy, and a sea of chocolate brown sheets. But Sunday I had a funny feeling.... I knew I was ready. I knew I wasn't turning back. So that night I went for it.

After laying Tula down for bed I came and Googled "sleep habits for babies." And clicked here since I had heard of the Ferber method from some other Mommies. I read, I liked, and the 5 minute intervals seemed bearable. Night one and two were very similar- laid her down and she fussed, sometimes louder than others, but I went in without talking or picking her up at 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and THEN 2 minutes into the next 15 minute period she was out. The best part was that she only woke once to eat and fell back to sleep on her own within 5 minutes. Night three was even better- laid her down and a new sort-of fussing, we call it "talking" started, but I visited her bed at 5 minutes and by the time the 10 minute interval came, Tula was sound asleep. She woke once to eat and fell back to sleep instantly.

It was obvious that in just three days Tula learned a new trick. A trick better than rolling over, blowing bubbles, or chewing on her toes.... Tula has learned to fall asleep on her own!

And tonight my friends.... NIGHT 4.... time to fall asleep: 1 minute (and that was 1 hour and 21 minutes ago)!

Babies grow so fast. I enjoyed the first 6 months with her right beside me... nose to nose! And now I am getting that nose to nose view with a few feet in between- me and the video monitor, of course. Cheers for sleep!



  1. Awesome!! I love our video monitor! We didn't get one until Isis was about 10 months old & I have no idea how we did without it! I look forward to using it right away with baby #2! And Isis also took 3 nights to really learn to soothe herself to sleep! Weird that 3 days really does seem to be some kind of magic number! When I was reading before we started sleep stuff with Isis, everyone said 3 days & I was like, "surely not." But yep, 3 days. Crazy!

    Happy everyone is sleeping well in your house now!!! Tula is adorable! I love seeing you all at church!!

  2. You're such a great mommy! Glad you are getting some rest!

  3. Yay! Sawyer adapted pretty well to being Ferberized as well. Some say it's cruel but when you really read it, it's not like you leave them in there indefinitely to cry. Good going Tula!

  4. Yay for you!! We love our video monitor as well. It comes handy on many occasions. I'm waiting for the day when Grayson realizes what it is :)


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