Thursday, March 31, 2011

Disney Princesses Once Again

One of the highlights of Ivy's two year old life was Disney Princesses On Ice. So we did wouldn't have missed it this year! This year Daddy got to stay home with Tula while Nana joined Ivy and I for the show. It was a totally different show this year and much more entertaining when we upgraded the seats and were just a few feet from the princesses themselves. We had a blast at this Disney experience and now are counting down the months until our Disney World trip in October!

One of my favorite parts.... so glad to see Unc made his debut this year! My sister in law affectionately says my brother looks like the Candlestick :) So Ivy immediately yelled, "There's Unc!" when this scene started!

Clapping along with the music.... in amazement by it all!

Nana and her Princess Ariel!

Ariel with Daddy, Tula, and Pops before leaving them to go- Next year we hope Tula will join us!


  1. I just love the first photo. It makes me want to go see it. I also love Ivy's sweet.

    You should think about linking up your Top 5 photos of the girls from the first quarter of this year:

  2. So sweet!! I love your pictures of the princesses and your very own princesses! :) It was so good to see your dad at Lexmark day! He said you were at the show! :)


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