Wednesday, December 30, 2009

***TOP 9 TIMES OF 2009***

I have been getting geared up for this post for a few days now.... I know I am a dork, to sit and ponder blogging ideas... but it's the sad truth!! Last year I did a similar post and loved reflecting back through the year and remembering my favorite moments. This year has been a year of newness, unexpected events, and change. This year has brought us times of rest and times of chaos and through it all our family is closer and more than ready to conquer 2010!

So here our are TOP 9 TIMES OF 2009!!!

1. SNOW!! Some people might say we had too much snow this past winter, but I really enjoyed it. I think that the snow is beautiful and I love to be stuck inside :) Ivy had a great time being pulled in her sled and we even had a slumber party with Nana and Pops when they lost power. I loved the snowy weather that we had!

2. Graduations :) Greg and Unc both graduated in May! Both are reasons to celebrate.... but it was especially exciting for my hubs who was definitely in college for a long haul. Not only did a graduate, but he landed a great job with a local architecture firm, allowing us to stay here close to family. We are so thankful for jobs!

3. God All-Knowing.... I have to count this time in our top 9. It was huge and you probably remember the moment. I was gearing up to being a stay at home mommy. I was ready to serve my family and leave the workforce. Until.... God, who knows all and who is sooooo good, showed us his plan. Not only did I have to continue working but I had to go back to work full time. This transition caused me to feel completely broken at first. I was sad, scared, and at times a little bitter, but God provided me with comfort and peace beyond all understanding. I was able to fully enjoy my summer off with Ivy and mentally prepare to go back to work. My prayers for strength and patience were answered and I have honestly been able to ease back into working full time, getting my masters, and being a mommy and wife with little difficulty. My prayers for a "close to perfect" class were beyond answered. For this top moment I could go on and on, but the bottom line is- trust in God and continue to give Him thanks through all circumstances.

4. New House~ We bought our first house and love it! Enough said!!!

5. Summertime Fun. This summer was seasonably cool and we really loved it. We were able to play outside in our new yard on our new swing set. We were able to go to the park with friends. We did spend a few days beside the baby pool. I love being able to wear pajamas a little too long and rest during Ivy's nap time! I am always thankful for summertime!

5. Girls Trip to Gatlinburg! My mom, Chelsea, Ivy and I were able to get away for a few days and go to Gatlinburg. We enjoyed our time hanging out, visiting Dollywood, shopping a little, and eating too much. We all had a great trip and enjoyed relaxing away from home.

6. Starting School Since I was a little girl, I have always loved the fresh start of a new school year. With my new found, positive attitude this year was no different. I love organizing school supplies and getting my classroom ready for a new group of kiddos. I am not lying when I say these kids are the BEST group I have ever had, and I am being very very spoiled. They really are! My students coupled with a brand new box of sharp crayons make starting school one of my favorite things!

7. The Labor Day Lake Trip Oh my goodness, we had a blast! I am remembering it and how fun it was to hang out. Most of my dad's side of the family was all packed into my Aunt and Uncle's lake house. This was the first time that Ivy had been out on the boat and she was so excited. She even took a little ride on the jet ski. Ivy loves being anywhere that my cousins are.... she adores them! This was definitely a great memory for our family.

8. Charleston, SC Second Honeymoon We definitely able to recharge our batteries on this little getaway. It was the first time (I think) since we've been married that we have taken a trip together. It was a beautiful city and we were excited to be doing grown up things for a few days! But we certainly were excited to come home to Ivy.... and buy a minivan the coming week!

9. The Holidays Every year Thanksgiving and Christmas are always some of my favorite times. There is nothing like spending a little while off of work and hanging out with family. We love being so close to both of our families which makes the holidays very easy. This year I particularly loved to see Ivy enamoured with the magic of Christmas. She loved talking about the elves, the North Pole, and Santa Claus. I think the holidays are 100 times more fun when you have children to enjoy it with!
We are praying for just as special of a 2010!!
Happy New Year from our family to yours!


  1. I love this post--especially numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...well, all of them to be honest! We think alike for sure!


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