Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Smorstad Christmas

This post is a little overdue... but we have been busy enjoying my Christmas break! We have been loving mornings in our jammas, visiting with family, and getting ready for Santa's arrival. However, our first Christmas was actually a little over a week ago. We celebrated with Greg's parents early since they were going to be out of town for a couple of weeks. It was so much fun to see the difference between Ivy last year and this year. Last year she would fixate on the first present she opened and be very uninterested in everything else.... this year she was unwrapping presents so fast just to see what was going to be next! Meemaw and Papaw spoiled her (and us!!) as usual. Ivy was excited about her ladybug tent and digital camera, she has been enjoying ALL the Barney DVD's over and over and over, and it never fails that she thinks she needs her purse and her "brella" everytime with leave the house. She had a fabulous Christmas with her Meemaw and Papaw and we are excited about more Christmases over the next few days!!

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  1. Ivy looks adorable and so excited about her new purse! That is SO cute! Merry Christmas :)


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