Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jossie- 9 months has come and gone

Joss Maven turned 9 months old May 13th.... tomorrow she will be 10 months!!! 

Weight: 18 lbs 4 oz (38%) Height: (36%) 

Have you seen the precious rolls on this girl?!?! There is no way that she is only the 38% in weight, but whatever.  She is the only chubby girl I have ever had and every day I squeeze those loveable, smooshy legs a million times! 
 This month our sweet girl has really taken off in eating finger foods.  Her favorites are spaghetti, pancakes, bananas, and chocolate cheerios! She is still drinking 5 bottles a day but is hit and miss if she will finish them.  It is time to drop a bottle but she hasn't mastered the sippy cup so I always worry she is thirsty. 

Jossie Mae is still the happiest girl around.  She waves ALL. THE. TIME. She squeals when you walk into a room, put her in the high chair, show her a new toy, or swing her.  She cries if you take away something she shouldn't have- why on earth do babies LOVE remotes and cell phones?!? She is a fast little crawler, pulls up on everything, but can't figure out how to get one chubby foot in front of the other.  Tomorrow our baby girl will be 10 months old and buckets of fun!  I am so thankful it is summer!!

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