Saturday, May 10, 2014

Easter Time

 Easter is one of my favorite times of the year.  It is filled with so much hope and that is an awesome thing.  It is a time that I can sit back and really think about how much God loves us that He sent his son to die.... for me, for everyone.  Since becoming a mother I really grasp just how much love that our heavenly Father has for mankind.  The grace and promise of heaven that we can hold so close to our hearts is everywhere I look at Easter time.  

 The Saturday of Easter weekend our church hosted it's egg hunt at Happy Hill Farm, a precious Jessamine County farm owned by our friends Jon and Mandy and their 4 girls!  It was so wonderful to egg hunt at this new location and have wide open space to run and play.  The girls loved being with their friends and getting to love on the farm animals, clearly the chicks were a fave! The girls racked up with lots of candy while Joss took a little snooze in Mommy's arms.  A win win for everyone!

 On Easter morning we woke up and the girls participated in their first annual scavenger hunt all over the house looking for their Easter baskets.  It was so fun to hear Ivy read the clue and for Tula to be certain that they were never going to find their baskets!  Once they opened the laundry room door to find their loot Tula couldn't wait to start eating her candy,  Joss was ready to play with some new toys, and Ivy..... was not herself and I could tell in her eyes she was sick but I didn't want to believe it!!
My 3 little ladies all dressed up in their Easter outfits!
 We took Ivy's temperature and sure enough she had a fever.  Immediately I wanted to cry since I knew this cancelled all of our plans- going to church as a family (Tula, Joss, and I still made it!!) and going to Cincinnati to spend the day with the rest of our family.  Everyone was sad our biggest girl was sick, but thankful for special hours at our pediatrician's office.  Even though she was sick Ivy couldn't wait to put on her outfit and high heels as long as someone got to see her all dressed up.  
 Sure enough Ivy had strep throat but thankfully Motrin and her antibiotic were kicking in a bit by the afternoon and we were able to enjoy some time playing in the backyard!

All in all, we had a wonderful Easter but are hoping for a healthy one next year!

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