Wednesday, August 25, 2010

All She Hoped For....

Dance class was all Ivy dreamed it would be! She and 8 other little beauties proudly walked into the studio lined with mirrors..... and allowed the door to be closed behind them. Many mommies (and 1 very excited Nana) peaked through the cracks of the door for the 45 minute class only hoping to get a glimpse of our little ballerina. I got one picture while they were doing introductions... sadly... but it was all made okay when Ivy reenacted every bit of the class when her Daddy came home.
Ivy was most thrilled about the pleat (plee-ay.... I don't know how to spell it) that she learned. It was rather awkward but boy, was she proud. They also learned about pointing and flexing their little toddler toesies. Everyone took turns skipping, sashaying, and using streamers as elephant noses as they danced to the music. Ivy says they played with a big balloon with handles at the end of the class. (I know you all remember playing with a parachute in gym class when you were little- they still use those things today!) She loved every minute of the class and has asked twice a day since when her dance class will take place again!

Cheers to Monday evenings and our little ballerina :)


  1. So sweet and so fun!! She sure is a cute ballerina.

    I am glad she had so much fun.

  2. Glad she had such a good time, and that you were able to at least get one picture!

  3. glad she loved it so much, and it makes me smile that she called the parachute a "big balloon with handles"


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