Sunday, August 23, 2009

Canoe Fun

Once upon a time, on the coldest August day a husband and wife had a canoe trip planned. This was an adventure planned to honor what an incredible father that husband was. A day on the Elkhorn is the best possible day for that husband so his non-adventuresome wife decided to play along. But she was a little worried.... on this 68 degree morning she didn't want even a toe to touch the water. And then she saw old faithful-

This was our mode of transportation!!! AHHHH....

But LOVE conquers all... and with husband near by it would be okay!

Here is the handsome man in charge of steering.....

And here's the wife in charge of trip planning, snack packing, and watching for rocks....

And in the end we survived and had a blast together. I could only do adventures such as camping and canoeing with my calm and collected, laid back, counter part. Not another soul in the world could make me feel safe in a little red boat!

Happy Father's Day to an amazing Husband!


  1. how fun! You are a good wife!

  2. I love canoeing!! It looks like a fun trip. My hubby would think it was a waste of time unless he was fishing from it haha. You are a good wife to your good husband!

  3. Glad you guys had fun--i am proud of you! Plus--we had a blast with ivy girl!


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